Banking Solutions

Integrated Banking Solutions

ASC financial security solutions provide centralised security surveillance and fraud defence across an organisation’s entire operation, from retail banking branches, ATM lobbies and parking lots, to corporate offices, vaults, cash counting areas and data centres.

The ASC Financial Transaction Investigation (FTI) application provides a robust and reliable tool for investigating potentially fraudulent banking transactions using a central data capture architecture. This architecture enables investigators to search for suspicious transactions across all branches with a single query and allows the results list to be refined to reveal the exact transaction profile desired.

Today’s banks demand highly intelligent, proactive security solutions that can address everything from crime to customer retention issues. ASC has proven success in banking and financial institutions within Australia.  Our solutions have made it possible for banks in Australia to centralize their security operations, streamlining and automating processes, integrating with other systems, providing proactive alerts about potential issues, and driving efficiencies by freeing security personnel from many mundane tasks.

Centralized monitoring capabilities allow security staff to virtually patrol several branches at once, which increases overall security and lowers costs. Integration with other systems, such as burglar and fire alarms also enhances security. Smart search and instantaneous search within the CCTV video archive allow for quick resolution of issues, such as check fraud or the need to track serial numbers, and instant identification of suspects.

Let us tailor an intelligent security solution for your business.